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You Have Been Arrested – Your Future Is On the Line

We have the knowledge and experience to fight your case and help you preserve your freedom and your future.

We will be on your side and will be there to protect you and will do everything we can to win your case.


James G. Dimeas

Mr. Dimeas is a 19-year veteran litigator with extensive trial experience who works on complex criminal cases.

He represents clients in cases involving serious state and federal charges, has been featured in the news, and has been quoted in numerous newspaper articles.

Mr. Dimeas is licensed to practice in all Illinois courts, the 7th Federal Circuit Court and is a member of the Federal Trial Bar.

John D. Ioakimidis

With over 16 years of experience, attorney John Ioakimidis has helped hundreds of people avoid jail and fines. He has appeared on local TV and radio shows, referenced to in newspaper articles, was featured speaker at Mayor Daley's Kid Start Program and served as Cook County Arbitrator.

In addition to earning his law degree from the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, he received a Bachelor’s degree in American Government and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

Chicago criminal defense attorney John Ioakimidis is licensed to practice before the United States Supreme Court, the 7th Federal Circuit and all Illinois Courts.

Nothing is more important than your freedom and your future when you are facing a criminal prosecution.

The State is looking to send you to prison and to destroy your future. The police officer who arrested you is being paid by the state. The prosecutor that is trying to convict you is being paid by the state.

The judge that is presiding over your case is being paid by the state. Even the jury, the people that are going to decide your guilt or innocence, are being paid by the state.

This is why it is critical that you hire a lawyer that not afraid to fight for you and take on the system to preserve your freedom and protect your future.

You deserve an attorney that has a proven track record of winning cases that other attorneys would be afraid to take. An attorney that will do all it takes to fight for you, because your case is all that matters to you.

The experienced attorneys at the Chicago Lawyers Group, have many decades of experience taking on the police and prosecutors and helping thousands of people throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to avoid jail and criminal convictions.


Our law firm offers

High success rates
We've helped hundreds avoid jail, fines or both. In criminal cases, winning is everything.

Experienced attorneys
We have at least 15 years of experience. We spend our days in Court — we are aware of changes to the laws and local court. We know what we are doing!

Flat fees
Our fees are very reasonable. We do not bill by the hour. We evaluate your case and quote you a reasonable flat fee. Straight talk and fair fees!

Attorney access
We give you our email and cell phone number so you can have direct access. We are here to help you!

We only take criminal cases. Beware of attorneys who claim to be criminal defense attorneys that are really real estate attorneys and divorce attorneys. Our attorneys only handle criminal cases.

Important relationships
We have years of experience — we've developed professional relationships with prosecutors and judges which we use to help you.



Press release: Attorney James G. Dimeas Featured in News Story on Identity Theft

Noted Chicago criminal defense attorney and published author on Identity Theft crimes, James G. Dimeas, featured in video news story.

You can protect yourself from the rising threat of identity theft, by Ben Schamisso, posted on Medill Reports, Northwestern University

Learn more about identity theft

Press release: The Chicago Lawyers Group Announce Brand New Website

A leading law firm concentrating in representing people charged with criminal offenses throughout Chicago, has unveiled a brand new website full of helpful and relevant information for Chicago.

Recent victories

Aggravated UUW Against Security Guard Dismissed
Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon charges against a licensed private security guard have been dismissed by Cook County prosecutors. The police arrested the client and charged him with Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon. We went to court with copies of the statute and the paperwork from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the charges against our client.

Domestic Battery Dismissed
The prosecutor dismissed Domestic Battery charges against our client on the eve of trial after we came to court ready for trial.

Drug Charges Dismissed
The prosecutors dismissed misdemeanor possession of marijuana charges against our client on the eve of trial after we called their bluff and proved to them that we were ready for trial. Our client is currently on felony probation for a Class 2 felony for Battery to a Police Officer.

Not Guilty UUW
Not guilty verdict after a bench trial for a client charged with Aggravated Use of a Weapon (UUW)

No Probable Cause For Drug Case
We were able to persuade a Judge at the Bridgeview Courthouse that there was no probable cause to charge our client with Possession of a Controlled Substance.

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